Celebration Venues - The Lone Star Restaurant
Renowned for its idyllic setting, celebrity clientele

Celebration is at the heart of Lone Star.

One of the top beachside restaurants in Barbados, Lone Star offers an unrivalled position as the only restaurant on Barbados where you dine on the beach. This unique backdrop, and Lone Star’s lively atmosphere and reputation as one of the best restaurants on Barbados, makes it an ideal place to celebrate special occasions.

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Wedding Receptions. Or life’s milestones. Whatever your celebration - with the ocean as your backdrop, Lone Star Restaurant in Barbados is a venue that your guests, and you, will never forget.

Our chefs can prepare menus to include your favourite, traditional Lone Star dishes, or develop a menu that celebrates local Caribbean produce, seafood and flavour. Canapes, dinner, lunch, buffet … we are happy to personalise our mouth-watering food to suit your event.

Lone Star’s mixologists blend an extensive collection of cocktails including our signature rum cocktail. Our sommelier can guide you through our wide selection of fine champagnes and wines, to choose just the right bottle for your special celebration in Barbados.

Just steps away is the Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Suites, one of the best 5 star hotels in Barbados. With 7 luxury rooms and suites, including the exclusive Barbados beach house rental – The Coral House - it is the perfect post-party retreat for your revellers.

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